Kitchen Care & Maintenance

 Melamine, Ultra Glaze, Vacuum Form Vinyl or Polyurethane  Kitchens/ Laminated Benchtops

  • All purpose cleaners can be used on Melamine surfaces.( laminated)  Do not use any abrasive cleaners, scouring pads, solvents, thinners, turps, ammonia, bleach.
  • A wipe over with a clean soft cloth should be sufficient to keep all surfaces clean. Soiled or light stains are removed with warm soapy water or detergent and a wipe over with a dry cloth.
  • Spills of any nature should be wiped up as soon as they occur to avoid damage.
  • Immediate attention for coffee , tea, beetroot juice, red wine, fruit juices.
  • Do not leave benchtops soiled of any residues of products or water, this can cause damage to the benchtops voiding warranty of the products.
  • Chopping and cutting directly onto surfaces can damage laminates. A cutting board or chopping board should be used to avoid scratches and permanent marks.
  • Sliding objects can cause scuffing on the surfaces. We strongly recommend the use of a protective mat or chopping board to prevent surfaces being scorched, damaged with hot things such as irons, kettles, toasters, coffee machines, steamers, pans and dishes taken from the oven. DO NOT place hot pans or similar objects directly onto the laminted benchtops.
  • Always use a chopping board when using sharp utensils on the benchtops services, as this will avoid scratches to the service. To also minimise scratching always place and lift heavy items from the service rather than dragging and sliding across the surfaces.
  • Use Rangehoods whenever cooking to avoid steam and cooking oil vapours from adversley effecting the services.
  • Poly Doors ( all care must be taken not to chip or scratch the services ) as these are painted the same process as a car is spray painted.



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